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New writers are encouraged when their story is published. Great blog about to story thanks Great , you really sharing a such a great information about to story. I submitted my story 1mpnth back but it is still pending. I dont know how will it get published. Please help. Please tell me how many days will it take to get a pending story published? I submitted it 5 days back.

Why are the reads unavailable for all stories?

Writing from the Absence: Voices of Hmong American Poets

Mam i give the thanx to your social work because peoples are fill with selfish intendtions i am writer engineer and poet can i publish my technical content here sandeep tandon. As this feature uses data directly from our google analytics account, earlier reads are not missed. Please note that data is updated after some interval few hours.

Few story page may not show the data and looking into the issue. I had never any doubts about you, Sri or all the other well-wishers of mine. The reader-count is essential only for knowing the reach of the story. After all, I may continue to contribute; I am not sure. I wish YSC all the very best, even if I discontinue my contributions. Yes, as you said, it is the symbiotic relationship and that relationship gave me and I am sure to Sri too the right to ask from you what we did. About what you said regarding what the publisher has to measure their popularity and what we, as writers, have, just measure your popularity by what we, the readers, have to say to you personally through these replies.

I understand that a count appearing by your story would give you a big push to write more and better. But it is must be a conscious decision and, I am sure, they would have understandable reasons behind it. We cannot deny what YSC have given us as readers and writers so far. Solely based on that I urge you to let it go and carry on.

Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs

I am aware of all the aspects elaborated by you and agree with you completely. Let me dwell upon a couple of important points.

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The publisher YSC and the writer you, others, and me enjoy a symbiotic relationship; it is undeniable that it is mutually beneficial to both. This must be respected and nurtured carefully by both sides. Commenting, rating, discussing are byproducts of the publishing exercise. Denying this basic information to the writer whose contribution has been published is not fair, at least in my opinion. However, given the rigid decision of YSC management, I had to take the decision.

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  • I am sad because I feel that I have contributed much more to the YSC site than merely 39 short stories and 11 poems. Sorry, if I disappointed you but I assure you that I shall think over what you said. Keep up your good work and God bless you. I am always with you, children. I will continue to write since it is my passion.

    I shall be publishing my second book soon. When we get to read what a gifted writer has to offer, we feel gifted. No reason, no person or nothing should be good enough to refrain, someone as brilliant as, you from writing. As writers, something always motivates us, pushes us; I know.

    But, in lack of one source of inspiration, we must find another. But it must go on. This is not just for writing, I feel, implies to life too. Well, who am I lecturing? I just wanted to give your experience a little perspective of my own so this comes from the heart.

    Zadie Smith’s Turn to Short Fiction | The Nation

    For you, how far your stories reach in terms of the counts may be important to you, but as one of those counts being myself, I can tell you that those who read it cherish it for a long long time. The quality of your work is way beyond the quantity it reaches; any day.

    And Then Some

    And should I tell you a secret? I am telling you all of this is partly because I am selfish. I am not rich enough to miss such a great writer for any silly reason. So please do what you do the best; Write! If my words would, even in a little way, get your pen touch the paper again, I would be honored. Bulusu Sir : I am sorry, though your letter was not meant for me but your last two lines compelled me to write this. Sir, you are an asset to all of us and it was through YSC that we came to know of your talent. Infact you not just marvelled us with your stories but also with your immensely helpful comments time and again.

    I, for one, have shamelessly and unsuccessfully tried to copy your style of writing a number of times.

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    • And I am sure, many of my co-writers have done the same. I agree that number of reads is crucial but for a writer much more important is the love that he gets from his fans and I am sure you have many! You are not just a tremendous writer but time and again you hold up a mirror in front of us and that is important. You are the benchmark against which we judge our own writings. So, it is not just my request it is my demand that you do not stop writing and submitting posts at YSC! In , a friend had suggested him to look up the works of Arnold Geulincx , which Beckett did and he took many notes.

      The philosopher's name is mentioned in Murphy and the reading apparently left a strong impression. Returning to Ireland briefly in , he oversaw the publication of Murphy , which he translated into French the following year. He fell out with his mother, which contributed to his decision to settle permanently in Paris. Beckett remained in Paris following the outbreak of World War II in , preferring, in his own words, "France at war to Ireland at peace". Sometime around December , Beckett had a brief affair with Peggy Guggenheim , who nicknamed him "Oblomov" after the character in Ivan Goncharov 's novel.

      In January in Paris, Beckett was stabbed in the chest and nearly killed when he refused the solicitations of a notorious pimp who went by the name of Prudent. Joyce arranged a private room for Beckett at the hospital. The publicity surrounding the stabbing attracted the attention of Suzanne Dechevaux-Dumesnil , who previously knew Beckett slightly from his first stay in Paris. This time, however, the two would begin a lifelong companionship. At a preliminary hearing, Beckett asked his attacker for the motive behind the stabbing. Prudent replied: "Je ne sais pas, Monsieur.

      Je m'excuse" ["I do not know, sir.

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      I'm sorry"].