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So what mark will you choose to leave?

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Will it be simply leaving cookie crumbs behind for other people to clean up or will it be choosing to belong to Jesus and following His plan for your life? Buddy Bee is still flying around and creating a buzz! What a surprise that was! Have kids on your Christmas shopping list? I have the perfect gift suggestion for every one of them. Shameless self-promotion. This book is the perfect tool for starting some spiritual conversations at home with your kids or to share with your nieces and nephews or grandkids.

Papa's Plan For Buddy Bee

And you can get it right here on my blog! Wondering if your kids will like it? This fall I was invited to speak at a Christian elementary school in my city and here is what some of those children said:. We want to be what God made us to be.

  1. Brazil facing bee crisis from pesticides;
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We liked the book you wrote. I think it taught everyone the same thing. I liked the book you wrote. I learned not to compare myself to others, but to God. I left out the very fun notes about the Bible verse that I taught them, which is in the book, and the song that we sang, but I have to share this one letter:. Schulz, Thank you for coming to our chapel. We liked the book you read. I love the song you taught us.

Papa's Plan for Buddy Bee : Lori Schulz :

When I grow up I want to be like you. You were a great inspiration. Your friend, a student. But after his loving father teaches him to fly by reading from a special book, Buddy explores the world in the garden surrounding his hive. He learns that despite his imperfections, he has gifts he can use to help those in need around him, and that his Papa has a plan for him.

Hannah and I are excited to meet everyone! Buddy Bee is definitely buzzing around my town! Thank you Parables! I recently was invited to read my book to the first graders at a Christian school here in town. It was so much fun! I read the story and then we all brainstormed together ways that we can share the love of God with others right where we are today, like at basketball, dance class, at home and in our neighborhoods. The kids had great ideas! I was so glad to have enough time to sing a fun song with them, which they wanted to sing again before I left, and also to memorize a Bible verse from the story with a game, of course!

When I shared the gospel, several children responded. The school now wants me to come back and do a chapel time! Thank you to Lifegate Christian School for inviting me. You have wonderful first graders! Now it is available at the Westbow Press Bookstore online, but soon it will be available from other vendors as well. Thank you Lifegate Church! Then he learns that his papa has a plan for him! You have to see the illustrations. Hannah Segura illustrated the book and she is amazing!

Your kids will love it! Click the link to check out what they had to say about the story!

Follow links below:. Follow the links below:. I ran this story through the ultimate test … a private reading to my grandchildren. They not only loved the story, they caught on to the truths communicated about sharing the good news with others. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Sign In Get started by entering your email address. Sorry, we don't recognize that email A valid email is required. Questions about our Premium Membership?

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Brazil facing bee crisis from pesticides

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