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  1. Messages to and from Outer Space
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  3. Are Aliens Real? Is There Life on Other Planets?

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Envisioning Martian Civilizations In the trailer from the film Flight to Mars, visitors from Earth to the red planet find a dying, but technologically advanced, civilization that has been listening in on radio communications from Earth. Many of the same ideas are evident in the short film Pa's Trip to Mars and in Flash Gordon's visit to the red planet.

Where did such ideas Messages to and from Outer Space As the 20th century began, interest in the potential of life on Mars and the possible civilizations there lead to a search for signals.

Messages to and from Outer Space

Could we communicate with another planet? His story was picked up and reported on broadly in the press.

Science News

An article from the Richmond Times offered an extensive description and commentary on his alleged discovery. What man who has ever lived on this earth would not envy Tesla that moment!

Hunt for alien life zooms in on newly discovered solar system

As radio took off, so did stories of communicating with Mars. One such article from , Hello, Earth! Marconi believes he is receiving signals from the planets provides extensive commentary on similar signals observed by the Italian engineer Guglielmo Marconi. Aside from describing this discovery, the article quotes Thomas Edison as saying Marconi's work offers "good grounds for the theory that inhabitants of other planets are trying to signal to us.

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While it would quickly become clear that there weren't signals from Mars, radio would play a critical role in the search for life on worlds outside our solar system. In the s and 40s radio became an invaluable instrument for observing the heavens. As astronomers began developing radio telescopes they made discoveries of various sources of electromagnetic waves in the heavens and these became useful sources of observational data about the space. In the s Frank Drake, Carl Sagan and a number of other scientists began searching for signals indicating the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

As it became increasingly clear that there was no intelligent life on other planets in the solar system, it became possible to detect signals from much further away. The Drake Equation was a way to estimate the number of civilizations out in the galaxy that could be sending out radio signals we could detect.

The goal of this equation is to define the parameters for figuring out the possible number of civilizations in our galaxy that we might be able to communicate with. Each of the variables after the equals sign are multiplied together to get the result. In general, Sagan and Drake were excited about the possibility of contacting intelligent life in the universe because of their own ideas about the progressive value of technology and science.

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  • Is there life on other planets?;

Those civilizations, which possibly could have existed longer than ours, would have, in their minds, likely gotten past petty things like war, violence and conquest. What do you say to a super intelligent alien race on behalf of all the inhabitants of Earth?

Are Aliens Real? Is There Life on Other Planets?

Or at least, how would you sum up humanity to the universe just in case someone was listening? But unless we get lucky, the search for signs of life could take decades. Discovering another blue-white marble hidden in the star field, like a sand grain on the beach, will probably require an even larger imaging telescope.

Designs are already underway for that next-generation planet finder, to be sent aloft in the s or s. MIT physics professor Sara Seager looks for possible chemical combinations that could signal the presence of alien life. She and her biochemistry colleagues first focused on the six main elements associated with life on Earth: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, sulfur and hydrogen.