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  1. How did the original audience respond to the ending of King Lear?
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To knee his throne, and, squire-like, pension beg. At your choice, sir. But yet thou art my flesh, my blood, my daughter; Craig Which I must needs call mine: thou art a boil,. In my corrupted blood. Let shame come when it will, I do not call it:. Mend when thou canst; be better at thy leisure: Craig For your fit welcome. Give ear, sir, to my sister; Craig For those that mingle reason with your passion. Must be content to think you old, and so—.

King Lear: A Verse Translation in English (Enjoy Shakespeare)

I dare avouch it, sir: what! Is it not well? What should you need of more? Yea, or so many, sith that both charge and danger. How, in one house,. Should many people, under two commands, Craig Hold amity? From those that she calls servants, or from mine? Why not, my lord? We could control them.

If you will come to me,—. Will I give place or notice.

How did the original audience respond to the ending of King Lear?

With such a number. When others are more wicked; not being the worst Craig Stands in some rank of praise. What need you five-and-twenty, ten, or five, Craig Are in the poorest thing superfluous: Craig Thou art a lady;. Which scarcely keeps thee warm. But, for true need,—.

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You heavens, give me that patience, patience I need! As full of grief as age; wretched in both! To bear it tamely; touch me with noble anger,. No, you unnatural hags,. That all the world shall—I will do such things,—. What they are yet I know not,—but they shall be Craig The terrors of the earth. Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws Craig O fool! I shall go mad. Re-enter Gloucester. He calls to horse; but will I know not whither. Do sorely ruffle; for many miles about Craig Must be their schoolmasters. Shut up your doors;.

He is attended with a desperate train, Craig A storm, with thunder and lightning. Enter Kent and a Gentleman, meeting.

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Bids the wind blow the earth into the sea, Craig 5. That things might change or cease; tears his white hair,. Which the impetuous blasts, with eyeless rage, Craig 8. Strives in his little world of man to out-scorn. This night, wherein the cub-drawn bear would couch, Craig None but the fool, who labours to out-jest Craig Commend a dear thing to you.

There is division,. Who have—as who have not, that their great stars. Which are to France the spies and speculations. Intelligent of our state; what hath been seen, Craig Or the hard rein which both of them have borne. Against the old kind king; or something deeper,. Whereof perchance these are but furnishings; Craig But, true it is, from France there comes a power. Wise in our negligence, have secret feet Craig To make your speed to Dover, you shall find Craig I am a gentleman of blood and breeding, Craig For confirmation that I am much more Craig What it contains.

If you shall see Cordelia,—. As doubt not but you shall,—show her this ring,. And she will tell you who your fellow is Craig Few words, but, to effect, more than all yet; Craig That, when we have found the king,—in which your pain. Enter Lear and Fool. You sulphurous and thought-executing fires, Craig 4. Singe my white head!

SparkNotes: King Lear: Style

And thou, all-shaking thunder,. That make ingrateful man! Rumble thy bellyfull Spit, fire!

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  5. Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire, are my daughters:. I tax not you, you elements, with unkindness;. Your horrible pleasure; here I stand, your slave,. So old and white as this. For there was never yet fair woman but she made mouths in a glass. Enter Kent. Love not such nights as these; the wrathful skies. Gallow the very wanderers of the dark, Craig And make them keep their caves. Since I was man. Such sheets of fire, such bursts of horrid thunder,.

    King Lear: A Verse Translation

    Such groans of roaring wind and rain, I never. Find out their enemies now. Tremble, thou wretch,. That hast within thee undivulged crimes, Craig That art incestuous; caitiff, to pieces shake,. That under covert and convenient seeming Craig Gracious my lord, hard by here is a hovel; Craig Repose you there while I to this hard house,—. Which even but now, demanding after you, Craig Come on, my boy. How dost, my boy? Art cold? I am cold myself.

    Where is this straw, my fellow? That can make vile things precious. Come, your hovel. Poor fool and knave, I have one part in my heart Craig This prophecy Merlin shall make; for I live before his time. Enter Gloucester and Edmund. Alack, alack! Edmund, I like not this unnatural dealing.