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McLevy is called upon to investigate. Agnes Moore was a novice nun when her cloistered world was suddenly taken from her and ends up living with a relation who is far from sympathetic and welcoming. When she is attacked and left for dead whilst praying in a local church, she calls upon her former abbess, Lady Katheryn Bulkeley, for assistance.

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McKay was wonderful and am now starting on her third Hew Cullan. And double time will not be fast enough. Can Grace and her goth sidekick Paisley save themselves as they attempt to solve the mystery of the sinister snake mirrors? Crossman: A cop in disgrace returns to his whanau.

But in the ruins of the devastated city, a young girl is missing and Carlos Wallace will move heaven and earth to find her and unlock the door that hides the darkest secrets of the Red Zone Mysteries.

Baynard's List (Stephen Attebrook mystery, book 2) by Jason Vail

A valuable list identifying the secret supporters of both King Henry and his rival for power, Simon de Montfort, has disappeared. I will give Libertus one more try before giving up. This was the second book in this series, and I liked it better than the first. I would still like to see more internal feeling from him, however, as I sometimes felt he was just going through the motions.

The atmosphere is described very well in this series, and you can almost feel the mud sucking at your shoes and smell the straw in the stable. The town of Ludlow is a real place, of course, and the author loses no opportunity to name the streets and waterways to good effect.

Stephen Attebrook Mysteries

Given the setting and story, the violence was applicable. This is the third book in a great series, and I liked it the best so far. The setting is 15th-century England, mostly in Oxford this time.

Our protagonist, Hugh de Singleton, is bailiff for Lord Talbot, a local nobleman. In this capacity, he investigates crimes, and is a tenacious man when he finds something he thinks is unjust or unmoral. The case gets more complicated, with some red herrings thrown in, and of course some danger involved. The characters are a mixed lot, but Hugh is a good man and true.

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He is currently searching for a wife after Lord Talbot recommends he settle down. Enter Kate, who made an appearance in the previous book and has a bigger role here. Descriptions are done very well, and the pacing is fine.

As with the previous books in this series, the pacing is quite slow through most of the story, which forces the reader to consider the slower speed of everyday life in the setting. The ending came up quickly and was over fast, as with many historical mysteries.

All the following were ebooks. The title character is a widowed knight in 13th-century England. That is until several murders throw him into a conflict between local lords. The setting is very gritty and the lives of the inhabitants coarse. There were many formatting errors in the ebook and the book itself is poorly edited. The plot is very uneven and there are large holes left for the next volume. A unique and interesting setting helps to pull this mystery forward, but only so far.

All reviews for: A Stephen Attebrook Mystery

Moorish Spain in is a place of power struggles and politics. The English physician to the Sultan of Granada, Thomas Berrington, is drawn into investigating a number of murders in the palace. He reluctantly follows his orders, along with a palace eunuch, Jorge, who helps with logistics and advice when dealing with the harem. The characters are fun even the bad ones , the setting is different, but the pace is very drawn out. Thomas and Jorge stumble along with little help from others. The middle of the book was slow, and even the denouement was sluggish. Again, there were quite a few spelling and usage errors throughout the ebook, which makes me wonder how much the author cared about his work.

Penny was apparently not a rookie author, either, so what happened to the editing? This is the first of four so far in this series. This one included quite a bit of violence and sexual references but not gratuitous. Louisa Locke. The second in a cozy historical mystery series set in San Francisco, this was better than the first one.

Assassins and The Mob: Discounted Mystery / Thriller eBooks

Annie Fuller, a widowed boarding house manager, is a compelling heroine and she and her friends are very well described. Her sometimes boyfriend, Nate Dawson, also has a good back story and he struggles as a young lawyer to get some meaty cases. The plot is based on the then-popular fad of spiritualism and seances. Annie tries to help a friend by debunking a husband and wife team who practice their craft on unsuspecting victims.